Picture Quotes of Albert Einstein, a german physicist, one of the most important physicist in the History


His research into the structure of matter, space-time and gravity have changed Newton's worldview, which was previously valid.

Einstein's main work on relativity made him famous around the world. In 1905 he published the book "Electrodynamics of Moving Objects", which is known today as the theory of relativity. In 1915 he published the general theory of relativity. He also made important contributions to quantum physics.

Because he discovered the law of photoelectric effect, he won the Nobel Prize in 1921, which was awarded to him in 1922.

Contrary to popular belief, his theoretical work played only an indirect role in the construction of atomic bombs and the development of nuclear energy.

Albert Einstein is considered a genius among researchers. In the scientific community, he sought international understanding and peace.

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Source: Wikipedia Albert Einstein

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