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William Shakespeare, who lived from April 26, 1564 to April 23, 1616, was an English poet, playwright and actor.

He is often referred to as England's national poet and "Avon Bud". His surviving works include collaborative works, including 39 pieces, 154 sonnets, two long stories, and other verses, some of which are uncertain. His screenplay has been translated into all major languages of life and is performed more often than other playwrights.

Shakespeare was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Sometime between 1585 and 1592 he started a successful career in London as an actor, writer and partner in a game company called Lord Chamberlain's Men, later known as King's Men.

His early plays were mostly comedies and stories and were considered the best works in these genres. Until about 1608 he wrote mainly tragedies, including "Hamlet", "Romeo and Juliet", "Othello", "Lear King" and "Macbeth", all of which are considered the best works in English.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, Shakespeare's work was continually adapted and rediscovered through new movements in science and performance.

His work is still very popular and has been studied, performed and reinterpreted in various cultural and political contexts around the world.

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Source: Wikipedia William Shakespeare

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